Management responsibility during a layoff period.

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The management of this small manufacturer needs to focus on specific ideas to improve morale. First, I would suggest that management let those remaining know they are appreciated. Managers need to keep open lines of communication; inspire confidence in the company's future and make it clear that hard work and ideas pay off.

The management staff needs to be candid and straightforward about problems and turmoil within the company. Once the remaining employees understand the company's position, set goals that apply to this new direction. Employees able to work towards common

goals will help focus their attention and energy on the future of the company while also helping them get through the current chaos.

I believe having daily contact with staff is essential for maintaining morale. Honesty really is the best policy! Even if the future is grim, it's important to tell your staff what is really going on.

As a leader, even if your own morale is down, you have to keep your head up. When employee morale is down, it's even more vital than ever that a manager

be a source of energy and guidance, even if it is just by keeping a smile on your face.

Building morale through improved communication means more than smiling and keeping an open door, however. It means developing trust between yourself and your staff.

In order to help employees adapt to the changes within the company, it is important to reassure the people who report to you of their value to you and the organization. You need to talk to them individually to let them know why and how they are valued; tell them how they contribute to your improving work environment. Your staff will need reassurance about their security and their future.

To help stimulate pride and improve...