The manager's job.

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This report briefly describes the requirements of a manager's job, which include formal requirements and less formal requirements. The manager's characteristics and the persons involved with him, there involvement inside and outside the organisation. The nature of interdependency that exists between the manager and some of the critical groups involved with the organisation. Finally some diagrammatic representations showing interdependency.


For once I asked my dad who is a manager, his answer was very simple. He told me in every person there is a manager present, the way a person plans , organizes, coordinates, controls makes that person different from another (Mintzberg,1990)

A manager plays a vital role in an organisation. Any organisation's effectiveness depends on a manager. If the organisation runs smoothly, we can say it because of the manager's efficiency or vise-versa.

After my graduation, I was sitting at my house doing nothing. This was when my dad asked me to accompany him wherever he went.

So that, I learn from him the aspects of business. It was when I watched my dad closely of what he does i.e. his regular routines, how he handles people etc.

The manager I am going to speak about in this assignment is my dad. I need to say he is a hardworking, very efficient and is capable of doing any kind of job. He is in his late 40's; attached with the organisation from the day it has been established. He is the Managing Director of Maha Lakshmi rice mill, India.

The Manager's Description

Personal details

Name: Mr. Nagendra Ganpaa

Age: 40 - 45

Phone no:

Professional Details

Position held: Managing Director

Organisation: Maha Lakshmi rice mill, India

Position held: General Secretary

Organisation: Andhra Pradesh rice miller association, India

Details about the organisation

Maha Lakshmi rice mill was established way...