Managerial Communication and Ethics

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Most work places today are becoming increasingly diverse as people of different genders, races, cultures, ethnic origins, and life styles find themselves working together. As a result, the workplace is becoming increasingly multicultural. Some organizations are just now encountering the effects of a diverse workforce, while others are trying to overcome the challenges created by diversity. However, no matter where an organization is in its development, the challenge is to ensure the workforce's diversity is a source of strength, not one of conflict. Effectively managing this diversity, then, is a critical component of success for today's employer (Collins, 2005).

Organizational justice embraces a realm of possibilities for effectively managing diversity. One of the sub systems of organizational justice is procedural justice. An article explains "Interpersonal communication tactics are not related directly to workers uncertainty of their career stability but to perceived procedural justice, and perceived procedural justice influenced their uncertainty" (Yamaguchi, 2005, p.168).

This means the individuals were not worried about loosing their jobs because of a lack of communication or an inability to communicate with one another, but the uncertainty stemmed from perceptions of the employees. The employees saw management enforcing policies in an inconsistent manner. The employees were uncertain, because they were unsure when or how they would be reprimanded for not abiding by the company's rules. The employees felt the rules were not enforced consistently throughout the company.

They did not find the company's procedures to be fair and consistent, and this led to uncertainty in their jobs.

In many cases, organizations are not aware of how the rules and regulations that are put into place affect the employees' view of the company. Diversity in the workplace is a good thing, but if rules and regulations within the company benefit one group over another, then this inconsistency...