Managing Diversity

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In America, organizations are increasing in the numbers of minorities and women in the workforce. America has always been a multicultural society even though many people have not learned to accept this. These people fear that multiculturalism will bring in diverse ideas which will influence the nation to deviate from its course in history. Because of this fear, ignorance will take place. The organization as a whole must be educated because our student populations and workforce diversity will not go away, but it will increase more each year.

Companies that strive to have the most productive employees have to put aside their old ways of thinking as to what is "corporate fit." They need to hire people of different cultures and ethnicity. They must hire women and minorities as well as those different from the norm in physical ability, age, appearance, and lifestyle. Companies must not only train their employees but also be able to retain them in the workplace.

Managers need to learn how to value diversity. They need to go beyond Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity and manage in a way that the company can benefit from the differences the diversity in the organization conveys. The workplace is affected by the cultural differences and values that people bring. Each person feels differently about his or her role at work. All employees want to make a contribution and be recognized for their efforts. Every worker is motivated differently and may completely inhibit another. For example, rewarding one person with a pat on the back may not be acceptable by those who don't like to be touched. Others may not like being publicly recognized or isolated from a group. Stereotyping can come into play in these situations such as "well, all Asians are that way."

Stereotyping prevents differentiated thinking about...