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The target market of Dynamic Industries is the general population of personal computer companies world wide. We have marketed ourselves to those companies by presenting them with information about our product, followed by negotiating a deal with the companies to formulate a strategic alliance with them. We currently have three production plants set up in the United States and two in Europe. Our capacity at this stage for each plant is 60,000 chips per factory. We currently have contracts and negotiations with several computer companies throughout the world.

Environmental factors have shown that after our chips have been sold to the respective computer companies, there will be instances where we have an excess amount of chips to be sold. Should a situation like this arise, we have come up with several marketing outlets that will permit us to expedite our shipments out of the factories.

The first section of the population that would be targeted is the college student.

Studies have shown that many college students now have the know-how to build their own personal computer. Dynamic Industries will build a website about our company including our mission statement and what we are about. There will be a certain link on the site which students will be able to access to receive discounts on our chips. This discount will be determinant on their college transcripts. The higher the student's GPA, the higher their discount. Another link, will be set up as an essay contest to the students about why they like our chips. One category judged will be creativity, the other will be accuracy. The winner of the contest gets a free upgraded chip compatible with the personal computer they own.

Donations will be another outlet for Dynamic Industries. We will find out via email from local high schools which...