Marketing Case Study - Blue Dolphin Restaurant.

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1.0 Product Information

1.1 Product Description

After careful analysis, JBT Enterprise's has decided to design a marketing plan for one of its new restaurants located on the tropical Hamilton Island, Queensland. 'The Blue Dolphin', is a five-star ocean themed restaurant located at the entrance of the beautiful Hamilton Island Marina. The distinguishing feature of The Blue Dolphin is its unique underwater dining arrangement. This offers a spectacular view of the natural sea-life situated at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Blue Dolphin offers guests a superb dining experience that they would expect to find in a capital city rather than a tropical paradise. By combining the fine food and dining with very unique setting, travellers to the island will surely leave with a truly memorable experience.

The Blue Dolphin is located five metres below sea level amongst the stunning island natural coral environment.

The unique location and exquisite dining menu differentiates this restaurant from any other in Australia. The cuisine at The Blue Dolphin encompasses contemporary Australian flavours with international influences. To accompany the superb food, an extensive range of fine wines is also on offer. These range from locally produced to selectively imported flavours. Also featuring in the complex is a fully stocked underwater bar which boasts a romantic and magical atmosphere.

1.2 Competitors

Potential competitors of The Blue Dolphin include other fine dining restaurants located on Hamilton Island. These include 'Beach House Restaurant', 'The Outrigger Resort' and 'Mariners Restaurant'. These restaurants are well established and known on the island. Evaluative comparisons were mapped using a price vs. prestige/location originality (see Appendix A). Mariners is a fairly cheap restaurant and this shows in its plain setting and atmosphere. The Beach House is priced around medium and with it...