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Have you ever watched a commercial on TV and wondered how somebody created some of these crazy ideas/schemes to entice people to buy things? Make no mistake about it, it's not just some lucky person developing slogans; it's a specialized team that is highly trained to analyze customer needs and carefully develop a strategy to market their goods/services in the economy. The field of marketing is fast becoming the most effective way for businesses to improve their overall performance to compete in today's global economy. Most successful companies have learned by trial and error that catering to needs of their customers, providing quality goods/services, and providing good customer service strengthens continued sales and profits. Marketing oriented companies are also customer oriented and take into account customer needs by focusing on creating goods and services that will outshine their competition. Conducting research is crucial when attempting to identify specific requirements of both existing and potential customers.

Marketers maintain open lines of communication between a company and its customers to ensure the success of any marketing method. Over time, customers become loyal and will buy again-and-again as well as provide free word-of-mouth advertising undoubtedly resulting in increased profits. This paper will describe the four elements of the marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion) and tell how each of the elements impacts an organization's marketing strategy and tactics. Southwest Airlines will be the organization used to describe the marketing mix in great detail. Let's begin by looking at the marketing mix. (Perreault, W.E., et al., 2004).

Providing the correct marketing mix of goods/services can make the difference between a company's success or failure. There are many variables such as adjusting prices, warranties, or adding features to products or services that could be used to target potential customers. First the marketers develop the...