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Company Name: Didi's Delights

I. Executive Summary

Didi's Delights will be the leading all occasion edible gift basket retailer in the Broward County area in Florida, with a rapidly growing customer base through Dade County and West Palm Beach, Florida. The signature line of premium bakery goods including edible gift baskets, edible cookies, gourmet coffee, tea, and candy made to order or already made for pick up. Didi's Delights will reinvent the gift basket purchasing experience for all individuals of all ages with all incomes by selling high quality, innovative products at a reasonable price, convenient location and excellent customer service.

Marketing will play a vital role in the success in Didi's Delights. Didi's Delights must build their brand around their product and delivery services it offers. This will be done by heavily promoting itself through local radio, television, newspaper and flyer ads. Marketing efforts are just the beginning by the time a potential customer enters Didi's Delights for the first time.

A strong emphasis will be put on keeping customers and building loyalty through programs staffing, experience, and customer service.

II. Introduction

Didi's Delights is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Deliverable Gift Baskets represent the major share of the company's production. The total market for assorted gift arrangements in the communities which the company targets are approximately 500,000 people.

The company is a new business under a sole proprietorship. The owner originally worked out of her home creating assorted gift baskets and due to the volume of business that she has created caused her to move her operation into a rental space in Pembroke Pines, Florida. This expansion will allow for a bigger variety of gift baskets as well as new products to be sold. The store front is comprised of 2,500 square foot where five people...