Marketing Plan of Deli-Food Services

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1. Introduction

Deli-Food Services (DFS) is created in 2000 to provide gourmet food catering to corporate and private functions.

As more companies and hotels have jump onto the bandwagon, the company is facing a new product dilemma (Kotler P. et al. 2004, p 443). There is a need to create a new product. This new product should take advantage of the company's strength and experience so as to ensure success.

The recent Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey 1995 shows that there is an increased in working hours. The percentage of all persons working over 60 hours per week has increased from 3 per cent in 1978 to 7 per cent in 1996. The study shows that very long hours are strongly occupationally concentrated among managers and professional, probably salaried, employees, but appearing among trades, service and sales workers (Kathryn Heiler, 1998, p226-280).

To cope with housework after work inadvertently adds to the stress level of these working housewives as they have also have to take care of the needs of their family and children.

The setting up of the Home Meals Delivery Division is ideal. It aims at providing solutions to meet the needs of busy housewives by delivering a wide selection of sumptuous dinner to the doorsteps of their homes. The meals can be ordered via the internet or via telephone for the convenience of our customers. This will free up more time for the busy housewives so that they can spend quality time with their family. The additional benefit is that there is no washing up to do as all meals will be served in environmentally friendly disposal materials.

Many busy customers are looking for more than prepared meals and they are focusing on healthy lifestyle choices. DFS Home Delivery Service will also address this new trend by...