Marketing Plan - Phase 1

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Company Overview

Bentley Prince Street is an award winning carpet manufacturer. Based in Los Angeles County, Bentley Prince Street is the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California. Bentley Mills was founded in 1979. In 2000, Bentley Mills was merged with Atlanta-based Prince Street Technologies to form Bentley Prince Street, and the decision was made to move the entire $50 million operation to California. Bentley Prince Street currently employees approximately 600 Californians representing the many cultures and communities that make up the state. More than 90% of Bentley Prince Street employees are minority, and more than half of management is female.

Bentley Prince Street has one of the industry's largest and most comprehensive carpet manufacturing facilities. Product development and manufacturing work hand in hand at the mill, which is virtually unheard of in the industry. Bentley Prince Street is also one of the only manufacturing mills to have its own certified quality labs on site.

Having a certified quality lab enables management to exercise quality control over all aspects of production to ensure sustainable manufacturing.

Sustainable manufacturing is a driving force at Bentley Prince Street. The company truly believes in creating a sustainable means of manufacturing, and continually seeks to improve in every area of our business. The company recently become ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Bentley Prince Street has been very successful in all its ventures. However, the company has failed to capture the emerging tile market. We will now seek to penetrate this growing market and present a comprehensive marketing plan that will truly make this company successful.

Our Product

Tile's rich beauty and low-maintenance characteristics along with its easy installation requirements and exceptional wear warranties, all combine to create a finish that is a perfect compliment to your design work. Tile's cost-effective and unique flooring...