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Martin Luther was born in 1483 and died in 1546. He was born in Eisleben, Saxony to his father Hans and mother Maragrethe. In 1501 Martin Luther began going to the University of Enfurt. His family wanted him to become a lawyer. But Luther vowed to become a monk. Martin Luther studied the New and the Old Testaments and began questioning his faith In 1508 he was sent to Wittenburg and studied and lectured in moral philosophy. From 1514 Luther was not only a theology professor at Wittenberg University but also the priest at the City's Church in Wittenberg. Martin Luther noticed that many people in Wittenberg were not coming to him for confessions any more, but they were going to towns in Brandenburg or Anhalt like Jaterbog or Zerbst to buy Indulgences. The practice of buying indulgences was a replaced confession and allowed people to buy their salvation, it was completely repulsive to Luther.

He strongly believed that one lived a life of humility in order to receive God's grace.

After 1507, a big downhill change in indulgences occurred because both the Papal Court and Bishop Albrecht von Brandenburg Germany's representative for the sale of indulgence were in great financial trouble.

Although Martin Luther was the first leader to leave from the Roman Catholic church, he did not originally want to start his own church. Rather, Luther was a committed church man who wanted to discuss and change the church. As a monk, Luther struggled to understand his relationship with God, and felt unworthy of God's attention. His eventual conclusion was that he was not worthy of approaching God.

In 1515 Archbishop of Mainz, Uriel von Gemmingen, died. The Mainz chapter decided his successor would be the 24 year old Albrecht von Brandenburg, making him the top-ranking prince after...