"Mid-Term Break" by Seamus Heany.

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"Mid-term break" written by Seamus Heany is about a death of a four-year-old sibling, which causes disruption on his brother's emotions. The poem is varied throughout the poem of being, prosaic and complex with poetic terms. This implies the frustration of the teenager, who just faced his younger brother's death, and had a taste of the bitter world for the first time. Also the mixture suggests that no one can sustain his or her emotions in an intense state.

"Mid-term break" immediately begins personal with the personal pronoun, "I" beginning the poem, "I sat all morning..." From being prosaic, the poem suddenly shifts to being intensely poetic, "Counting bells knelling classes to a close." The verb "knelling" may imply the "bells" used at the funeral. Also an internal rhyme of "...bells knelling..." is present, which evokes the fact that this line is no longer prosaic. The teenager is "drove(n) to his "home" from school, to find his family torn apart, due to the death of his little brother.

When a member of the family dies, it leaves the family in a disastrous state, making the eyes of a young child view the world; in a different perception. The second stanza initiates with a sense of shock and awkwardness. As the teenager enters his house, he discovers his "father crying." This line provides an element of surprise because the word "father" is usually a formidable and strong figure, however he is "crying" - which convey frailness. Then "Big Jim Evans" is introduced to the poem. "Big Jim Evans" may be a nickname of someone closely related to the unfortunate family. Also the metaphor, "hard blow" suggest physical impact, which refers to the accident the baby had. The poem is continued with three verbs, closely analysing the baby's...