Middle School Days

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In middle school, friendships can feel like they will last forever. Just remember back to the first day of sixth grade and how exciting those first few months went. As cliche as it sounds I thought my life couldn't get any better because I had a best friend. A best friend that was better then the rest. One that would be there for me through thick and thin. Someone whose shoulder I could cry on and give me chocolate and balloons for my birthday. Although there had been many other reliable and close people she was the one who kept my light shining in the dark.

I have had so many life-defining moments in my life, but breaking apart from Becky was by far the most difficult and punishable challenge i ever faced. My ability to move away from her impacted my emotional status both past and present in ways indescribable.

Becky and I met over the summer going into 6th grade. We met at a camp and clicked instantly after sharing endless conversations about random things an millions of laughs. The camp was only one week but the two of us decided to hangout for the rest of the summer. During our times together I felt what it was like to be on top of the world. I felt like I was in the Disney movie, The Fox an The Hound about two best friends who were inseparable. I would anticipate for the next day we'd be able to hang out, what movie we would see next, and think about what we would do for each other's birthday, even though they were months away. Every day of that summer was filled with nothing but joy.

;After the summer of 6th grade we were literally inseparable. There were...