Milk: It does the body good...or does it?

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When people shop for milk, do they really know what they are getting? Do they really know where their milk comes from? Many people go ahead and buy the milk provided by stores because it is more convenient or they really don't know that they have other options. The milk advertisements in magazines, commercials and on bill boards never mention all of the side effects caused by milk. It does, however, mention how "it does the body good". Well, does it really? Milk is good for the body but it depends on what type of milk is consumed. There is the choice of drinking raw milk, pasteurized milk from a farm raised dairy cow, or pasteurized milk from a factory raised dairy cow. So which one is really good for the body?

The popularity of raw milk is on the rise around the nation. More and more people are realizing that there are more advantages and fewer risks by drinking raw milk verses pasteurized milk.

They are going to great lengths to get their hands on this "white gold". Those who live in states that do not permit the sale of raw milk drive to states that do. They buy enough milk to last a month and freeze it at their homes. These people are the ones who want to know where their milk comes from. They also take comfort in knowing that there is nothing added to it that could harm them. There are currently 28 states nationwide that permit the sale of milk fresh from the cow that is not pasteurized (Larson, 2005). Farmers are only allowed to sell raw milk if they acquire a permit from the state. They also have to perform specified safety tests on their cows and the milk. The number of farms in...