Modern Communication - Fiber Optics.

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The best way to communicate over long distance is using lasers sent through optical fibers. A laser beam is electromagnetic radiation of a single wavelength. One tiny fiber can carry thousands more phone conversations than the traditional copper wire cable. Optical fibers are long, thin strand of glass or plastic that carry light for long distances without allowing light to fade out.

To send signals through optical fibers, the electrical signals that start out over cooper wires are changed into pulses of light by tiny lasers. The signals then can travel over long distances. Optical fibers are smaller than the traditional copper wires of yester year so they can be placed underground easier.

Signals sent by optical fibers are normally clearer and faster. You probably have also seen optical fibers in hand-held light toys which function on the same concept as the ones that carry electronic info. Laser beams sent through optical fibers is a very positive addition to the communication empire.