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Since motivation is one of the most important factors of organizational success many people as professionals and scientists have tried to evaluate concepts how to get and keep the individuals of organizations motivated. There are two different kinds of motivation. The first is what makes a person do something on his own by internal needs and drives. For example, the need for food makes a person hungry and as a result, the person will be motivated to eat something. Alternatively, if he/she feels to be over weight or unfit he/she will be motivated to take up exercising. This kind of motivation is called intrinsic. The other kind of motivation is how one gets another person to do something, which is not caused by intrinsic motives. To work because one is paid therefore will still be an intrinsic motive, because without money, one is not able to buy food and other things within our society.

However, what is it about to getting people to do their work in a special way, or to work more for the same amount of money? One will have to give those people additional stimulation to their intrinsic motivation. This kind of stimulation is called extrinsic motivation. As seen above, the insight that people could expect more from work than just money came relatively late to the scientists and professionals, so they started to develop theories about motivation and to conduct studies about the possible effects of motivation. This essay is going to analyze and hypothesize four individuals, Ella, Marcelo, Masoko and Sam, and their different means of motivation.

Ella is striving toward a promotion in her workplace, as well as three other individuals. However, she is motivated differently that the others. Ella's motivation can be accounted for by a biological theory of motivation (primary motive),