Movie Analysis: "Kingdom of Heaven", part a) Answers to general questions about movie part b) Movie response essay

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Part A) "Kingdom of Heaven"

-Movie Questions-

1. Why were people fleeing Europe to join the Crusades?

People were fleeing Europe to join the Crusades in search of fortune or salvation. Europe was in a state of disease, poverty and famine; the people suffered greatly. During the Middle Ages, illness and misfortune was considered punishment from God for sins committed. It was thought that in order for people to be free of their despairs they had to ask for forgiveness and find salvation. That was why many people joined the Crusades, to redeem themselves in the eyes of God. Another reason for people to join the Crusades was for adventure, or a new chance at a better life. Men were often discontent and wanted to partake in war and be a hero. The land of Jerusalem also meant new opportunity, a place to set off to and forget the life left behind.

2. What did the church do with people who committed suicide?

During the reign of the Catholic Church, suicide was an unforgivable sin. It was an act against God and it robbed Him of His command over life. Those who commit suicide were unworthy of a Christian burial. As further punishment, the church had the heads cut off of all suicide victims so that they would have to suffer hell without a head.

3. What does the priest tell Bailiam to do to save his wife from her sins?

Bailiam's wife would be damned to hell because she committed suicide. The priest told Bailiam that if he joined the Crusades, he might gain forgiveness for his wife's sin and allow her to enter heaven. The only way to save her soul was to fight in God's name.

4. Why does Bailiam kill the priest?...