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Everybody has his own home, his own place to return after a working day. A nice house to live in, a place to be surrounded by family members, and of most importance, a space to spend part of his life. That's why I dearly call my house "a crib" since deeply in my heart, it's more than just a house, but something watching me grow up and fullfilling me with memories of my family.

Deep in a small alley of Bach Mai street, my greenish colored house flares in an either cool yet friendly first look. Having quite lots of windows, the house gives what like an open atmosphere and even from inside the bulding you can possibly look out into the garden, up to the sky etc. There are a big warmly welcome living room consisting a TV set, DVD player and fabulous looking sofa for gathering with friends and guests, a rather small kitchen with another TV and cooking stuffs, along with 3 working rooms and 4 bed rooms.

Of course the one I like the most is my own room. Like all the other room in my beloved house, there's a huge window right above my desk. I've always loved standing in my room, next to the window on an early morning, soaking in the fresh air and feel the sunray lightens up a new day. My bed - which I call my "nest" - is usually in a total mess, but in some way it's organized just to serve my needs. A not-so-tidy desk always full of books and notes, a wall covered by loads of posters and a messy disordered bed make my world.

I actually don't know what and why my house is that special to me. A large and nice bulding, rooms and...