My plans for the company as a Human Resource Director.

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I would like to discuss some of the plans I have established for the company. The points that I will be discussing today are: formulating a remuneration policy, recruiting and selecting qualified employees, design and implementation of a compensation and performance management system, ensuring equal employment opportunities, and developing effective organization and leadership.

One of my main functions would be to formulate a remuneration policy in such a way that employees give optimal performance and feel they get a fair deal, new employees are attracted to the organization, and the organization is able to retain existing employees. This serves as a motivation tool for employees to perform better. In order to arrive at a value for a job, we should carry out an exercise called as job evaluation. Job evaluation tries to address the issues such as what is the value of the job to the organization, and how to arrive at this value in a fair manner so that it is accepted by employees.

The job analysis and performance appraisal will also contribute a lot for the job evaluation process.

A successful organization must have the best and talented employees to work for. Therefore, I will have a big impact on the organization because I am the one bringing the best and a high proportion of well-qualified people to come to work for the organization; otherwise, those people will work for the competitors. I will try the best of my knowledge to be able to present our organization's mission, goals and specific job descriptions. I will also try to sell the organization to the potential candidates, which is to convince the candidates that the organization is a good place to work and that we offer what they want in the way of both tangible and intangible rewards. Attracting and...