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To some people art is very important, to others it is nothing. To most, it is nice, but fades besides the everyday problems of physical survival, housing, food, money, children, etc. The value boils down to what you think you are: a meat machine or a spiritual being. For a meat machine, naturally anything that is not about physical survival is very secondary. The spiritual being needs more than physical product, but sources for development of mind and thought. There appears to be something about art that really means something to many of us. The observable fact that art makes people happier, and also that happiness is one of the most important factors in life, even if you only look at bare survival. Happy people are more productive, and production is basic for survival. From this I can say that art is not a mere "luxury", but rather a vital ingredient in our lives.

I had a chance to visit two museums during my fall break, and I enjoyed this event very much. Philadelphia Museum of Art made great impression on me as usual. I was there several times before, and I really love this place. This time the exhibition of the African Art was very memorable to me because I never seen such collection before as we don't have them a lot in the country where I'm from. This exhibition was organized by the Seattle Art Museum, and it took an "insider's" approach to African art. Reframing the objects, African Art ("African Voices") proposed looking at what was once done with them while also listening carefully to what was once said in their presence. The exhibition was divided in thematic categories and described by representatives from various African cultures and backgrounds. The show included near 130 objects: textiles, sculpture,