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Biography of Napoleon, including the significant actions taken by him.

Born August 15th, 1769 in Corsica, Napoleone Buonoparte was to become one of the most influential and prodigious leaders in history. Napoleon's political decisions and actions affected all of Europe, although his most lasting effect was on France. As an absolute ruler, Napoleon controlled every aspect of his government. This enabled him to carry out numerous reforms, such as the secularization of education and the institution of the Napoleonic Code of Law. Yet despite Napoleon's numerous contributions to 19th century France, the rest of Europe experienced considerable adverse effects.

It was Napoleon's childhood idol, Pascal Paoli, a Corsican rebel leader whose determination and fervor for independence influenced Napoleon's character and caused him to become domineering, stubbornly persistent and highly ambitious. These characteristics would develop, as Napoleon grew older and became a more seasoned leader. His austere upbringing by his mother created a strong sense of discipline that would stay with him throughout his life.

This discipline helped Napoleon adapt to the foreign French customs and society.

Not growing up on the French mainland, but on Corsica, Napoleon knew no French prior to attending Autun School in 1779. Early in his childhood, Napoleon's father Carlo arranged for Napoleon's certificate of nobility, allowing Napoleon to attend the military school. It was the Marquis de Marbeuf who funded Napoleon's education, and later arranged for Napoleon to be accepted at the Royal Military School at Brienne. Without the help of the Marquis, it is doubtful that Napoleon would have become an officer, or general, let alone go on to be emperor. At age 16, he began his apprenticeship as a lowly second lieutenant, training with the best artillery unit in the French army. This training gave Napoleon the opportunity to display his tactical skill...