The Naval Seals.

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From the SEA, from the AIR, from the LAND -- the U.S. Navy's SEA,AIR,LAND (SEAL)Teams are the most feared and respected commando force in the U.S. Military - if not the world. They are the most Elite and highly trained force on the face of the earth - as well as the most flexible. Formed in 1962 by President J. F. Kennedy as a maritime counterpart to the U.S. Army Special Forces (the men that wear "Green Berets"), the SEAL's have amassed a remarkable history of successes and have become legendary in their exploits - both on and off duty. The Teams have operated in every hellhole known to modern warfare - and come away with many victories, some bruises and a vast history of achievements. Most SEAL missions are unreported and unknown to the general public - and due to focus, dedication and training, hugely successful. SEALs are trained to operate in small units - one or two men, up to platoon strength of sixteen.

They work best in squads of eight or fewer. Most missions are clandestine in nature - planned in excruciating detail and executed with precision and swiftness. During peacetime SEAL's find themselves with the same rigorous training as during war - the belief being that the more you sweat in peacetime, the less you will bleed in war.