Neurobiological Disorder.

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At first I thought my son was just a typical boy, as my mom would always tell me "boys will be boys". So that is what I thought about my son, he just acted the way he did because that is how boys are. My son at the age of two was always just full of energy and, it felt like I could not keep up at times. It almost seemed like he was a little motor that never stopped running. There where times that I recall that my son would have so much energy that he would just run circles around my living room.

As time went on he went to preschool. That is when the teacher became concerned about his hyper activeness and wanted to get together. At that time we set up a meeting. At the meeting my son's teacher and principal told me what was going on with my son and they thought it would be a good idea to have him tested for a Neurobiological Disorder.

At that time I really had no clue what they wanted me to do, I didn't even know what that meant.

Come to find out, it was Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder which we all now it as ADHD. It was hard for me to come to realization that my son could be ADHD. We start to do play therapy so that the doctors could what was going on this lasted about a year we did this. I had that option to put my son on a medication but I was not all about the drugs. I was really against them; I had heard so many bad things about the drugs they used. By this time he was in kindergarden and having trouble setting still, listening, completing his school and...