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In relation to the health and safety policy I must advise the management on preventing hazards and injuries to themselves or others within the business.

The company is totally ignorant of what a health a safety policy and other workplace policies are; this is why you were brought on board. Describe your roles and responsibilities in relation to such policies.

Make management aware of the legal requirements affecting health, safety and welfare.

Advise methods of safe working Advice management to provide protective clothing and equipment for employees at all times when on site supervise the recording and analysis of information on injuries, and review overall safety performances. Assist with all training for all levels of employee. Take part, where as possible, in site management

Keep up to date with all information regarding the recommended codes of practice of health, safety and welfare. Supply employees with information on the prevention of injury within the firm.

Determine the cause of any accident or dangerous occurrence, and recommend ways of preventing recurrence.

Safety policy

The general health and safety policy is the way in which a company sets out its intention to manage health and safety.

A health and safety policy relates directly to the operations of that company.

Client may seek to see evidence of written risk assessments.

The main causes of accidents in the construction industry are, falls from buildings or scaffolds, being struck by plant or vehicles and falling objects.

The health and safety executives say that between 80 and 90% of all accidents could be prevented by the applications of proper and effective health and safety management in company and on site.

General responsibilities for small construction sites are always going to be the same as large construction sites because being on a small site does not lessen the...