Non-Discriminatory Work Environment Paper.

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Scan the newspapers, listen to the evening news, peruse a periodical, survey the literature, talk to a friend, and you too will find example after example of organizations and individuals faced with the costly effects of discrimination. Any situation in which a group or individual is treated unfavorably based on prejudice, usually against their membership of a socially distinct group or category cause discrimination. Such causes usually include having predetermined view on someone because of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and disability. A person has the right not to be subjected to less favorable treatment on the grounds on any of the above categories. This paper will discuss the principle causes of discrimination and methods used by employers to create a non-discriminatory work environment and the laws surrounding them.

Causes of ethnic discrimination in the workplace are prejudice and stereotyping. Prejudice is a belief about individuals or groups of people, which is generally derogatory, untrue and irrational.

It is also usually based on stereotypes. These beliefs can be triggered by the color of someone's skin but this is not always the case. It is believed that people who hold prejudiced views are unlikely to change. People only change their discriminatory attitudes through education and gaining more positive information and experiences. Stereotyping occurs when people or groups get categorized and put into types. This is also called labeling; Labels then become fixed and are normally a negative and distorted image. An effect of discrimination in society is a reduction in potential. Employees who come from an ethnic minority background often find that their coworkers expectation of them are very low. This scenario only helps to hinder the productive progress in any work environment.

Women and men are different biologically; all cultures interpret these biological differences into a set of social...