North and South advantages and disadvantage during the American Civil War

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The Civil war was the bloodiest war in American history. The South had many advantages at the beginning of the war but they were short term advantages. The South relied heavily on trade from the North but didn't realize it until the North stopped buying their cotton. The North had population and industry on their side of the war. The problem with the North is that not all northerners wanted to go to war. The reason the south took four years for the North to win, among other reasons, is because they had cautious generals. The Northern generals took fewer chances and gave the south too much credit.

The North had many advantages that helped them win the war. They had production on their side. The Northerners were able to manufacture their own guns,

clothes, cannons, shoes, etc. The North also had railroads on their side. They were able to transport supplies and reinforcements directly to the field.

Unlike the South, the North had a navy. This caused the North to set up a blockade around the South. The blockade prevented the South from trading their cotton so it was useless. The North also had a great population advantage. Many immigrants that came to America fought for the North.

In some cases they came right off the boat and went to the battlefield. The North also had a strong central government in place. They had their forces organized and united. They attacked using a two fronted strategy. They took the Mississippi river and attacked from the west and north. President Lincoln controlled the Border States' elections. He made sure that they stayed with the Union. A big disadvantage that the North had was that many Northerners did not want to go to war. They thought that the Civil war was...