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-Like charges repel on another. Unlike charges attract one another. Charged objects repel neutral objects.

-Conductors Allow a charge to freely move through them. Neutral objects are attracted to charged objects.

-Voltage is the force that moves electric charges in a circuit

-4 main parts an electric circuit has is wires, cell, switch, and load

-The black wire in a electrical circuit is the hot or live wire and it carries the voltage into the house.

-The white wire in an electrical circuit is the neutral wire and allows the current to leave the house after it has been used.

-Another way to compare electric current with the flow of water is to look at a water wheel.

-A voltmeter measures the voltage drop in a circuit. The Si unit for voltage is (V)

-An ammeter measures the amount of electric current flowing past a point in a circuit. Depending on the electrical appliance, the current varies.

The SI unit for current is the ampere (A)

-When electricity meets resistance, the electrical energy is changed into one of 4 types of energy: 1.Heat energy, 2.Light energy, 3.Sound energy, 4.Mechanical energy (energy of motion)

-A conductor is a substance that carries electrical energy without much resistance, so electrons lose little energy. Example, Copper

-Ohm's Law is V = I X R, or Voltage Drop = Current X Resistance

-A Circuit breaker has two different strips of metal back to back that bend when heated. As long as the current in the circuit is less than the max current allowed by the circuit breaker, the strip will not bend enough to open or trip the circuit and stop the current flow.

-Energy Input is energy that goes into an electrical circuit.

-Useful Energy Output is the energy that...