Ode to Budley: a hunter's poem.

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This is the story of Mountain Man Bud,

He held his head high,

And didn't saunter in the mud.

If he left early to hunt

He didn't bother carrying a lamp

Because Mountain Man Budley

Stayed close to camp.

When he trudged through the snow,

He traveled with care

Because silly old Budley was always slipping

From here to theeeeeeeere.

More than once he stumbled upon a rut,

And that's when poor Budley

Would land on his butt.

But don't let it be said

That Budley's not a winner.

No one in camp

Could beat him to dinner!

So here's to Budley

Of * "Float and Point" fame.

We'll always remember...

Oh, What's his name?

*Note: The terms 'float' and 'point' fame offer us two different hunting stories in which Budley, my grandfather's long time hunting buddy, made his claim to hunting story fame.

'Budley Float': n. A float made of Beer and Ice Cream...

long story. Let's just say, Budley's a devout southern church going man, so this was not something we saw everyday. Bud and Icecream... who knew?

'Budley Point': n. The point during the hike up the mountain that Bud stops. He carries a little wooden sign, personally handcrafted, to nail to his designated 'points'. There are believed to be up to fifty or so signs out there amongst the mountains and vast woods. These are the extensively shortened versions of these two masterful hunting stories. End note.