The one.

Essay by aquarianne11 September 2005

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I have always believe in the concept of "the one"... that there is someone in this world who is my twin flame, who owns half of my heart, who shares my soul, and who will complete my humanity.

This does not mean that he is exactly like me or very similar to me. On the contrary, I believe that my twin flame is not like me but someone who will fill in the gaps and spaces that I cannot.

I love life and life loves me. I met my honey and I'm so blessed I did. He embraced soul and erased the void in my heart. We compliment each other... he completes me.

I want the world to know what I have known from the moment I fell in love with you... How lucky it feels to have your eyes upon me! The way I melt right down to the very core of my being to know that I am the object of your love as well.

I wish every person could hear your laughter the way that I do! What it feels like to look at you and know that I have found that one person who completes me. The feeling of absolute joy at just the sight of you and how happy I am with something as simple as your shy smiles or simple gestures.

I wish I could bottle this feeling of being on the verge of having all of my dreams coming true and give a sample of it to every friend I have in this world so that they can be happy for me too! I want to take the wonder of you and the feeling of becoming lost in that wonder and carry it with me every moment of every day for the rest...