How one learns best.

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The way I learn best is from observation and a little explanation. I mainly prefer to find things out for myself rather than have it told to me. This allows me to have more of a connection with what I have learned. When I learn something I like to learn it properly and fully. I like to learn it from all perspectives, so I can truly understand things "from the inside" as Van de Lagemaat nicely puts it.

I dislike having a serious conversation with narrow minded people. It disgusts me to see people blindly supporting their own view and reject everything that contradicts their ideas, without even giving it a single thought. It is natural thought because it is part of human nature to have this type of mentality when only "my view" is the right one. Once humans learn to view things in other people's shoes, they will start to view the world in a different way.

I believe that human nature is basically wild. Society we are living in covers up our wild side but at some points this side is exposed.

I enjoy reading during my free time. But to have a book forced on me slightly puts me off reading it. There are certain exceptions where the book fits my likings, but over the year, they have been an odd occurrence. To have an assignment on a novel that is devoid of interesting ideas and information is almost painful.

I would very much welcome flexibility with deadlines. With sport practice and extra-curricular activities, some extra time would be truly appreciated. I would also welcome teachers to always point out my mistakes and make a big deal of them. This way it can stick in my mind and I won't forget it as easily. I...