One Scene of "Julius Caeser" Written in a Different Dialect

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Scene three/ Act two


(reads aloud)

"Caesar, beware of Brutus. Take heed of Cassius.

Come not near Casca. Have an eye to Cinna. Trust not

Trebonius. Mark well Metellus Cimber. Decius


Brutus loves thee not. Thou hast wronged Caius

Ligarius. There is but one mind in all these men, and

it is bent against Caesar. If thou beest not immortal,

look about you. Security gives way to conspiracy. The

mighty gods defend thee!

Thy lover,



Here will I stand till Caesar pass along,

And as a suitor will I give him this.

My heart laments that virtue cannot live

Out of the teeth of emulation.

If thou read this, O Caesar, thou mayst live.


If not, the Fates with traitors do contrive.

Artemidorus: Reading aloud from letter:

"Omg. Caesar...You like need to be really really careful of Brutus, and umm watch out

for like Cassius too.

And OMG don't forget Casca or Cinna!! Oh, em, cant

trust Trebonius or Cimber neither!! Like this may be like hard to believe, but you like

have to know, that like all those sleezeballs have like the same intention!! And they like

all want to kill you!! So like, watch out! And umm if you aren't like superman, watch out

for everyone that's around you. Ill like, go to church and pray for you,

your bff!!


You know what? I think ill like wait here for Caeser to walk by, and umm ill give it to

him like it's a magazine catalog!!! I feel bad that good guys get hurt! And umm omg I

don't think its like fair... Caeser, if you read this, I hope that you like live...