Opinion Paper: Eharmony and On-line Dating Sites

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eHarmony Review

eHarmony, like every other dating website requires that you fill out a questionnaire. This was exhaustive and the questions were repetitive and mundane. Apparently, answering three hundred questions asking me the same five things in different ways can improve my compatibility with a complete stranger doing the same on the other end of an internet connection. The questions were so black and white, cut and dry; I wondered if my personality would even show through.

This site, run by psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, is based on the theory that there are hundreds of dimensions that every person has and by cross analyzing dimensions, the service creates highly compatible matches for those filling out the questionnaire and paying for a membership. This "comprehensive personality questionnaire" boasts that it can "do most of the matching for you" based on scientific research. In a culture that can work, bank, and shop online, I suppose it is no surprise that we have turned to computers and the Internet to serve basic emotional needs.

I'd much rather determine a potential match myself, than have a machine do it for me.

This comprehensive cross-analyzing of dimensions and determining of compatibility through answer comparison seems much like social contact theory, where people only associate with others that share the same beliefs, values, class, and ability, and by the narrow-minded-age, income, religion based questions, I believe this website not only promotes this theory but induces it. No where on this website, does it allow for same-sex matching, and if you happen to be of a dissimilar religion, you will not produce matches. By asking what you are like and what you want and matching you with people with the same values and interests, in my eyes, is much like dog breeding- find two of...