Organisational behaviour

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Question : While working overtime late one night, you accidentally overhear a colleague called Amanda having a telephone conversation in which she states that she had stolen ideas from a co-worker and close friend of yours called Bill. Amanda recently received a prestigious promotion on the basis of stealing Bill's ideas, while Bill has been reprimanded by his manager for not performing up to the organisation's expectations. As Bill is your friend, you have an interest in ensuring that he is told the truth. However, Amanda is a close friend of the manager responsible for you and Bill and your fear that reporting her may have negative consequences for your career.

Your task is to write an argumentative essay that integrates the following:

* A brief summary of approximately 1-2 paragraphs of what you would do in this situation (in academic, third person writing style)

* A discussion of how your values, perceptions and personality traits influence your response to the situation.

Answer : Values, perceptions and personality traits are the key concepts that shape an individual's behaviour and way of doing things in day to day life as well as in organizational factors and issues. That is why the study of these concepts is vital in the context of organizational behaviour theory. In the following essay, the issue talks about a dispute about a staff named Amanda stealing another staff named Bill's idea and later Bill got reprimanded. In a circumstance like this, it is to be determined how an honest employee who had known about the theft and misdeed towards Bill should react in an organizational setting depending on the employee's own values, perception and personality.

This essay is structured as follows: First, an introduction on what values, perception and personality are. Second, in short what my response...