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Motivation Paper

The first step to successfully applying the Two-Factor Theory to the administrative staff of The UOP Company is to assess the situation. The first matter of business for this team is to have a team meeting and request feedback from the staff. The two focus points of the Two-Factor Theory are job concepts that cause dissatisfaction and what each individual finds to be job motivators. Using a Start, Stop and Continue form provides the admin staff with space to write in what they would like to see started, stopped and continued within their respective work areas. A second form allows associates to write in what they would prefer in the form of recognition in various situations and what the most effective motivators are on the job.

The feedback session is a great tool for gathering vital information about the administrative associates and determining how the Two-Factor Theory can improve the performance and productivity of this department.

The response from the Start, Stop and Continue forms indicate that the staff enjoyed the feedback session and they want to see this process start to occur on a quarterly basis. In the Stop section of the form, the staff states they want to stop receiving all the old, hand-me-down office furniture and supplies. The majority of the admin staff feel they are worthy of new furniture and supplies on occasion. Concerning continuation, these associates appreciate the flex schedules that The UOP Company allows in the administrative department. The department affirms the flex scheduling allows for a better work-life balance.

The recognition and motivation forms also enlighten management as to the incentive needs of this staff. Up to this point, management at the UOP Company has not emphasized the importance of employee motivation nor has the value of recognition been of...