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This paper explains that the organizing function of management that impacts human resources and knowledge may strongly impact an organization's success. The organizing function of management in relation to human resources considers mission and service member needs, develops personnel organizational charts, incorporates internal and external factors and establishes goals for day-to-day management. It shows how the organizing function of management in a knowledge management scenario is focused closely on understanding and identifying command's and service member needs. It concludes that organizing function is especially important, as failure in identifying knowledge management issues can be devastating to the mission success of my command.


Organizing is the management function concerned with gathering or sorting the resources necessary to achieve the organization's objectives, establishing the authority relationships of the organization, and creating the organizational structure. Planning has established the goals of my command and how they are to be achieved; organizing develops the structure to achieve these goals.

The activities necessary to reach objectives within my command are grouped into departments, divisions, or other units. Each unit and each person in the unit have clearly defined authority or a clearly defined list of duties and one person to whom to report. Organizing is not done once and then forgotten. As the objectives of the command change, the structure of managerial and organizational relationships may also change. One thing about organizing is certain, changes that occur both within and outside my command will require new approaches, new plans, and new organizational units.

Effective organization of human resources provides and creates a framework for success. Such a framework considers the overall structure of the human resources unit. In terms of knowledge management, the organizing function of management is equally crucial. In the case of knowledge management, organizing function includes effectively identifying and mobilizing...