Organizing in ChevronTexaco.

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As with many large corporations, ChevronTexaco is force to operate in diverse functional organization. Global upstream business and global downstream business are separated, Human Resources and Finance are separated, and even in global downstream there are separations in several groups so that diverse markets or products can be effectively handled. In fact, to be completely honest, ChevronTexaco's organizational structure has diagrams that are Conventional, Functional, Centralized, Decentralized, Geographical, and even a Matrix form; but when one has a corporation that has over 60,000 employees in over 180 countries, not just one structure is appropriate.

ChevronTexaco is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with offices throughout the United States and the Providences of Canada. They also have major offices in Singapore, Australia, England, and Central America. ChevronTexaco is a global energy company engaged in every aspect of oil and gas industry (ChevronTexaco, 2005). The organization is conventional in the respect we have a Chief Executive Officer, Dave O'Reilly, and the executive Vice Presidents that all of the operating companies and sections report into; but after that, the organization splits into various types of organizational structures.

Functional Organization

For ChevronTexaco's Global Downstream there is a functional organizational structure. This is reached by separating the various businesses by vertical design. For example there is Global Downstream, and then there is Global Upstream, and also Global Technology and Services. Patricia Woertz is the Executive Vice President of Global Downstream, reporting to the CEO, Dave O'Reilly. Reporting to the Executive Vice President is the President of Global Marketing, the President of Global Lubricants, the President of Global Refining, and the President of Global Supply & Trading. As one can see, all of these functional groups make up the customer facing parts of ChevronTexaco's downstream business.

Inside of Global Marketing, the President is Shariq Yosufazi. The...