This is an outline to a speech that I did for an English class.

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I. Imagine yourself and thirty-two of your peers crammed into a small classroom. Some how, you and your district have something in common, you both have F ratings and are considered in academic emergency. You feel like society is failing you. The poverty cycle continues as your family ages, your grandparents had poor education, so did your parents, and now you too will be trapped in the loop. For the past two years your school had been rated the lowest possible school rating. Your GPA is half the required need for the college you once dreamed of. Really makes you wonder, so what is next for education? Maybe a School vouchers system?

B. Background Information

1. It is a certificate which parents are given the ability to pay for the education of their children at a private school, rather than the public school to which they were assigned.

2. These vouchers would be paid for using tax revenues.

3. Come out of district budget.

4. 85 percent of private schools are religious.

C. Opposing Views

1. Still a gape between rich kids education

2. Tax money

II. Viewpoint 1. For

1. Text scores up

2. Milwaukee program gave 4900 to the needed families.

3. Created competition between schools

III. Viewpoint 2. Against

1. Not stop gape between rich and poor.

2. Public schools need the money

IV. My Solution. Internet schooling for the children that need it, that the national government pay for. I feel that the government should provide inexpensive laptops that groups of kids could share, and do school work by a qualified teacher over web cam. This would be cheaper, and just as effective.

V. Conclusion

A. 1. Kids need education

2. It will not help school system

B. In the future, when we are...