This paper compares and contrasts the Appreciative Inquiry approach with traditional human resource management strategies

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The human resources (HR) profession has changed dramatically in the past century. Gone are the days when HR's primary functions were hiring, policing, and bookkeeping. In today's dynamic workplace, human resource professionals are expected to add value to their organizations. Traditionally, human resource's approach to problem-solving was to isolate a problem, uncover the root causes, and find a solution, often amplifying the problem and possibly revealing more. A new approach and distinctly different from problem-solving, developed by David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva in 1987, is called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Appreciative inquiry builds upon the successes to expand the possibilities of what can be done even better. This approach does not ignore problems, yet starts from a position of strength rather than trying to rectify weaknesses. By focusing on what is right, rather than what is wrong with an organization, an individual, or even a society, AI gives us the kind of energy that gives us the confidence to develop and pursue a new image of the future (Liedman, 2005).

In this essay, the writer will compare and contrast the AI approach with traditional human resource management strategies such as developing effective human resources, creating effective rewards programs, building effective employee/employer relationships, and finally, discuss the results.

Effective human resources refers to the managing of individuals within in organizations (Dressler, Cole, & Sutherland, 2005). Effective employees are the key to all human resource management, whether he/she is an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a manager in a large organization, his/her business success depends on how well you manage your employees. The risks of failing to have effective human resources management have never been higher with the competitive marketplace. Employers are now realizing how important it is to recruit and retain the best possible workforce. The goals...