This paper talks about Identity Fraud: The causes of Identity Fraud and how to deal with it.

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In this paper, I will discuss about an ethical e-business issue that is affecting the people who use the internet. The ethical e-business issue chosen is identity fraud. Identity fraud is one of the most common crimes that occur to someone who uses the internet. In this paper I will explain some ways identity fraud occurs and my opinion towards it.

Identity Fraud

First off, what is identity fraud? It is the use of an identity of a person without their express consent, for a purpose that the person is not aware of, and/or does not approve of 2. Identify fraud is basically the theft of one's personal information. People who commit identity fraud may use other people's information to open credit card accounts, apply for loans, purchase cellular phones, or commit serious crimes.

How does this happen? Some ways that people's personal information can be taken is by e-mails, instant messaging, ad links, and also spy ware.

The way people's information is taken by e-mail is that another party would pretend that they are affiliated with a certain group/business that the recipient is a member of and ask for their personal information. They may persuade the recipient that they need their personal information to make updates or because their system may have crashed and needed their information again.

The example that instant messaging can be used to take people's information could be on America Online (AOL). Anybody and anyone who is a member of AOL can send instant messages to any of their members. This makes is easier for someone to have access to people's personal information. The way they can get a hold of people's information is to send an instant message to another member and pretend that they are working for AOL and need their personal...