Paul's Lullaby.

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Walking into the Doctors waiting room, a new patient is greeted by a middle aged man wearing overhauls and sitting on the Doctor's counter. The man is playing with a stethoscope which he has pressed tightly over his heart. Rather absorbed with listening to his own heart it takes the man a minute to take notice of the patient. "My name's Paul and I sure am pleased to make ur aquantaince. I supose ur not from around here so I'll tell you how it is I ended up hangin round this here doctors office." Paul said addressing the newcomer to Doc Stair's office. "I am a friend of the Doc's and since he came to town I stick by him near as every wakin minute I do have. I like to hangout with him or this nice girl named Julie. I try to stay away from Jim he's a rather mean fella that called me cuckoo.

Well ever since I fell outa a tree when I was ten, Jim's been callin me cuckoo. His teasin don't sit to bad with me, but I was sure happy when Doc moved to town. Then I didn't have to hangout with Jim, I can hangout with Doc and he doesn't play any jokes on me." Hopping off the counter he'd been sitting on, Paul walks over to the new patient. Listening to his own heart beat through Doc's stethoscope Paul leans in to the new patient saying, "Doc's not the only friend I have, though I like to go to the store with a pretty lady named Julie. She's real nice to me too." Paul's face grew as serious as it possibly could with the stethoscope hanging from his ears as he whispers to the patient, "That Jim fella I told you always...