Payment Methods.

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Summary of Reasons.

5 People were interviewed during this assignment. Ms. Stavros, Mr. Brennan, my mother, my brother and my uncle. Most people picked EFTPOS as their most common form of payment because it was easier to use and it was easy to carry than notes and other forms of payment.

Ms. Stavros picked cash as her most common choice because it is a more accessible and acceptable way to pay. She chose Cheques as her least common form of payment because she only uses it for large sums of money and bills. Ms. Stavros also uses a credit card to pay for some of her things.

Mr. Brennan chose debit cards as his most common form of payment. He chose this form because it takes money directly from his bank account instead of using credit and it is easier to carry around. For his least common use of payment he chose cheques because there is complicated and there is too much involvement of the other person with the money.

Mr. Brennan also uses cash and a visa card.

My Brother selected credit as his most common form of payment option. He selected this because it is an easier way to get what you want and pay later. For his least common form of payment he chose money order because he only uses it when he wants to pay for things on e-bay or when he buys things over the phone. My brother also uses cash and debit cards.

My mother picked EFTPOS as her most common form of payment because it allows her to buy things faster and the money comes out from her account not any credit suppliers. For her least common form of payment she chose credit because she doesn't want to pay for the pay interests...