Performance Appraisal at Everflow Water Supply Company.

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Everflow water Supply company employs about 150 staffs. The staff includes engineers, system analysts, support staffs and managers. It has recently started a new appraisal system that is done yearly. The rating is done by the immediate supervisors.

Objective of the study:

The major objectives of the study are:

*To evaluate the new appraisal system at Everflow.

*To provide recommendations to improve the appraisal system.

*To make plans for appraiser/rater training programme.

Problem Identification:

1.The nature of appraisal system is uniform i.e., the same appraisal form is used to evaluate the performance of all the employees including supervisors.

2.The appraisal is done on annual basis. Hence, there is time lag between training and development programme.

3.There is lack of performance standards against which the actual performance can be measured. This might result in low performance by the capable employees.

4. There is no provision for training the appraiser/raters.

5.The company has been 90 º appraisal systems. This is not an effective as it takes view point of only one level.

6.The measurement criteria are subjective and vague.

The person-oriented measurement content is used.

7.The main purpose of the appraisal system is evaluative or administrative.


1.Differentiated approach:

I feel that the nature of job of engineers differs from managers and so on. So, differentiated approach is suggested. Different appraisal forms should be used for different categories of employees. I suggest work-oriented measurement content for system analyst, engineers and support staffs because their performance can be measured in quantitative terms (by the nature of the work they perform). And work-oriented and person-oriented measurement content for managers as they mainly perform supervising, coordinating and leadership related job.

2.Appraisal time and frequency:

The appraisal for engineers, system analysts and support staff should be conducted...