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What is your "identity" anyway? Is it your fingerprints on a page? Is it the color of your hair? To me, your identity is what separates you from everyone else. This could be your favorite food, the hand you write with, or your taste of poetry. It's hard to pin point someone's identity though, because everyone is different, and everyone has their own taste in clothes, music, and poetry. So when you ask me what my identity is, I cant completely explain it to you, but if you read some of the poems I've written and chosen, maybe that will paint a better picture in your head of what I like and what I'm all about.

When I looked through my anthology, I realized that a lot of the poems that I chose and wrote were sensitive and personal and lots were deep and had good messages.

That says a lot about me because I am, in fact, a sensitive person, so those poems that I chose reflect my taste. I like to think about emotions or problems -other people's as well- to figure things out. Poems that have a hidden message, or that stir up emotions, are very much my flavor because not everything you see the first time will be there the second time you read it. Or, every time you read it you will find more detail and have a better understanding of the poem. All the poems in my anthology have messages, or mean something to me in a way that I can relate to. Some of the poems I chose have similar themes, such as the Oyster and a Forever Choice both share the same message that you should live your life to the fullest, and that is something that I...