Personal Response to Sufism.

Essay by spoonful August 2005

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We have hundreds of different religions out in other countries. There are Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Judaism and so on. I started to understand that it is not important to compare which religion is more superior or powerful. They are just different. Today, I watched a video about Sufism in Pakistan and Turkey. It was interesting to watch their religious lives and their ritual. At first, I was surprised at how brutal their ritual practice can be. But then I tried to understand that it could be something very serious and crucial ritual for them to do.

In the video, I discovered that the Sufi's belief toward the God is very passionate, so they always seemed to be willing to dance and sing for the God. I heard many times they say "There is only one God that is God." I think this is because they want to be with God and find the right path of life.

However, it was hard to believe when I saw one man who was sitting in meditation for total of twenty-seven years with only a small amount of meal everyday during his meditation at the same place where the Muhammad stayed in. This man would be the leader in this town as a spiritual master. Every people believed that this Sufi became close to God and attained a numerous acknowledgment. If I had been in his shoes, I would not have stayed any longer than a day to dedicate my whole life to the religion. It seemed like Sufi's try to isolate themselves and stay away from politics and public affairs, so that they can concentrate more on the God.

One thing I was really shocked about was their religious practice, which is called Zikr. There was a place for...