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Personnel Protective Equipment

The importance of PPE in Crash Crew is HUGE! Your life depends on the gear you wear, how you store it, how it fits, and the wear of the clothing. Standards are held high in this field, according to base, and fire fighting regulations.

Garment sizing has a direct effect of the safety and health of the user. Wearing garments that are not properly fit affects safety by compromising mobility, exposing limbs, and accelerating the effects of heat stress. Improper fit can damage the garment causing partial or a total failure of the clothing system. Wearing garments that are too large or long requires additional energy to work with the excess weight, stiffness, and bulk. Wearing a garment that is too small or short will require additional energy to overcome problems associated with a garment that is restrictive and too tight. Garments should be properly sized, and the garment manufacturer consulted with regard to fit.

ARFF fire fighters must wear full protective clothing and SCBA during the initial approach and attack, while performing rescues, and during overhaul. Every firefighter must know the shielding capabilities and limitations of their personal protective clothing.

Proximity Gloves prevent you from doing things most normal gloves would allow you to do. They prevent the movement into spaces you might get your fingers into, or the handling of small objects like pins for a jet. Their uses are mostly for the event that you happen to find yourself in a fire. They make it so that your hands do not burn in extreme intense heat. Proximity gloves are used in the hottest of fires. It is made of two linings the outer shell being the aluminum outer lining while the inner shell is a heavy cloth is an insulated inner layer.

Proximity Trousers...