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Companies constantly struggle to find the best advertising strategies to promote their goods and services. The companies need to be able to reach the segment of population that is potentially interested in their products. Companies also need to deliver the advertising in an appropriate manner, that will" Stick" in the users minds. They need to make sure that the products and services they advertise are those that meet the users' needs. Ads that are the most pervasive and effective are "Pop- Up ads" on the internet; the Super Bowl is one of the few programs in which the ads get at least as much attention as the actual content, also advertising of alcoholic beverages.

"Pop-Up" ads are those reviled windows that intrude on your Web surfing, why did pop-ups become so pervasive? They are 13 times more effective at generating clicks than standard banners, according to 2003 research by ad firm

Inc. Everyone hates advertising, but it works. Pop-ups work well for the same reasons people hate them in the first place: They get in your face and force you to read the message. As pop-ups did their job, advertisers and Web site publishers began running more of them. And users reacted by seeking ways to block them. If I were an average user, I probably wouldn't want [pop-ups], either. There are too many on the Web. Technological evolution should lead to better advertising, delivered in less intrusive, more manageable formats. But the pop-up wars continue, and new technology will surely block new kinds of ads.

Commercials are a part of our lives. We watch them, enjoy them, and discuss them with our friends. Do commercials make us buy the product they advertise? Nobody really knows. The most anticipated 'ad experience' is watching the Super Bowl...