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One's passion is a true source of individual personality. My passions are hard to feel through reading about them, but I will take a shot at my one passion that is worth a serious attempt. I love photography. I live photography, and in fact, we all do. Photography is any moment of our lives captured to last forever.

The whole concept of photography to me is magnetic. There is such a power within a single flash. By using photography, you are able to choose what you want to remember about your life and the lives of other surrounding people and beings. Imagine high school graduation: you are walking in a line, amongst your friends, in an auditorium which you have come to love and suddenly appreciate while you send one last glance at those seats. The look on your face is one of overwhelming remembrance and accomplishment. You know you'll cherish this moment forever.

You will always remember that moment and how good the accomplishment felt because a picture was taken of you in the moment that you were standing there, shooting that last glance. You may keep that picture hung in your college dorm, and you look at it from time to time when you need a source of inspiration.

For me, photography is not just about people and their experiences. I find a strong connection with the world as I am able to take pictures of it. I find most joy in my life from sitting outside during the sunrise with a camera in my hand, gazing at what I feel is the most beautiful thing to capture on a camera. Photography is a way for me to express myself to other people how I view the world from my eyes. And to me, that is...