Plagarisim, the wrongs of plagarisim, copyrights, trademarks.

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A struggling song writer comes into a studio with a product. This product is similar to what is new with today's public. It also is filled with lyrics sounding similar to a popular song. So similar there is a conflict on whether the song is really his. With ideas scarce and very unique it is important that you have your work identified as your own. When originality counts in a report you can not just take another persons word without giving him some credit and use it as your own, which is called plagiarism.

People download music from the internet as much as possible now almost every day. It seems the songs are always available before an album marketing that song comes out. A music artist considers that stealing because he might have written and created those things and wanted to use the music as a form of income and expression.

A music artist has every right to be upset about the situation he is in. Owning a duplicated source of music is legal because you already have the original and contributed to the artist, its considered paying dues. Why do most users on the web not consider free downloading wrong? Website or a program that uses "shareware" is considered plagiarism because it might offer a service that does not give back to the artist it uses.

When Kanye West came up with a concept to speed older songs up and to put hip-hop beats to the a rhythm sync to the song. When it came into life, a popular song from the past with a good beat for today was made therefore Kanye West, a star, was born. Some music is taken from an older artist to produce a new artist. It happens a lot with the...