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Playing game, a common yet important thing in our daily life, will benifit us in a variety of aspects. First of all, it can help us escape from the increasing pressure brought by high-pressure jobs; Furthermore, it can dispell the misunderstanding between parents and children; Last but not least, it can teach us a lesson about cooperation.

Playing games could help us escape from the increasing work pressure. In today's fast-paced and full-of-competition society, you might be very stressed not only because the boss asks you to do your job more quickly and effectively, but also because there are a lot of competitors around you to compete for the same position which you have longed for years. It make you tired and even drive you crazy. Now, when you have come back home, put down all the boring things that happened during your working time and just play a game.

Imagine that you have come back to your childhood when you are still a young boy or girl living happily with your parents. All the unhappiness will gone. You will find yourself energetic again. Playing games indeed has this kind of magic.

Playing games with your children will provide a effective mode of communication between parants and children. When you are playing games with your children, try to talk with them to understand what they are thinking about. By this way, you can teach them well because you have known them well.

Playing some kind of games such as bridge will teach us a lesson about cooperation. In the game bridge, four players are separated into two groups, in which teamwork is strongly emphasized in order to win. It is quite similar to the situation we meet in real society. An individual, even possessing excellent professional knowledge in...