Poem: Iambic Pentameter: My Everything.

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It does seem so odd that the only boy

Who would not change, now brings me so much joy

With eyes I can get lost in for hours

I knew that he had some sort of powers

His "oh so" strong jaw bones and wavy hair

He made it impossible not to care

His faith close to heart, he carries along

He has ended up making me so strong

Glancing at me sharply with that same look

There he goes, away with my heart he took

There he is standing with his manly stance

For I wish I had been his at first glance

With his holey jeans and his cowboy boots

He has a background of strong country roots

Nothing about him is to be called mod

And shoulders he has are so very broad

A blessing sent to me once in disguise

One heartfelt option has opened my eyes

This love we obtain has no end or fears

Through good and bad I shed my share of tears

On knees and elbows he said he would crawl

Across the sea or over the great wall

Whatever the barrier, we will last

We are about the future not the past

As far as his features, nothing he lacks

And hunting he does, while following tracks

On the diamond his face never budges

But games lost, he accounts for his grudges

His hand so perfectly contours to mine

The same way a vineyard cradles the vine

God has a reason why our paths crossed

Simply to love with no price tag or cost

And when I see him my heart skips a beat

Forever with him will be like a treat

One person knows what our future will hold

And only He could ever be so bold

We will always...